Healthy Food is Medicine! The world has switched to Olive Oil and there is more truth in IBERIA OLIVE OIL. Why not us? Because, for some reason, no one took the trouble to educate us about how to use it. Iberia Olive Oil is affordable in 3 and 5 Litres plastic pet, and is leading the way in combining the goodness of Spain origin Olive Oil with everyday food, bringing healthy cooking and frying to every home.

The health benefits of Olive Oil are well-known worldwide. It has the highest content of monounsaturated “good” fats, which reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Iberia Olive Oil has No Cholesterol content, comprising exclusively Oils obtained by refined Olive Pomace Oil  and Virgin Olive Oil. It can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack.

The mistaken but common perception that Olive Oil is expensive has prevented its widespread use in homes, cuisine and restaurants. Even though Olive Oil in assumption costs more than other vegetable oils, it is economical to use since it is used in 1/3rd the quantity of other edible oils. Olive Pomace Oil in particular has a high smoking point; it can also be reused 3-4 times. Used in 1/3rd the quantity and reusable 3 times, the effective cost of Iberia Olive Oil is 1/9th its actual price and very cheap in reality!


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