Skin and Care

Is olive oil a good product for skin care? My answer is a big ‘yes”. Here are the reasons based on research and not just gossip. This article describes the general skin aging process, identifies what nutrients are required for skin care and what are their effects, shows the risks to be assumed when using […]

Home Skin Treatment

In this page I suggest a homemade skin treatment that consists of the best natural products your skin needs. No chemicals, no risks, very low cost, environmentally safe and great effects! Before we do it, we need to understand our skin type in the moment we apply this skin treatment, why we chose some particular ingredients […]

Diabetes: Trans Fats or Olive Oil?

Diabetes type-2 is not caused by overweight and olive oil can help prevent and cure diabetes. It is as simple as that. When we say diabetes, we think of high blood sugar level. When we say overweight, we think of too many calories and obesity. When we refer to olive oil, we think of a […]

Olive Oil Reduces Alcohol Effects

What happens when drinking alcohol? How to reduce alcohol effects? How can olive oil reduce alcohol effects? Olive oil never stops surprising. This time it is about the negative effects of alcohol consumption. By adding olive oil to your diet, you are more likely to reduce alcohol effects… Whether you drink more than two servings […]

Olive Oil in Religion

Olive Oil in Christianity Olive Oil and Islam Judaism and Olive Oil Olive oil and the olive tree have a very strong religious symbolism. An incredible number of references to olive oil in the religious scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and in the sacred texts of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome are a proof […]