Olive oil’s beauty benefits

Olive oil has perfect composition and qualities for beautifying purposes. In this article you will find all the olive oil beauty benefits. Olive oil is a natural product and has numerous beauty benefits for skin and hair. All these benefits in just a drop of nature!

Composition and qualities of olive oil and its beauty effects:

  • – oleic acid allows skin permeability
  • – high content of antioxidants fight cell destruction and fragmented collagen
  • – essential fats
  • – anti-inflammatory agents
  • – vitamins (all types of tocopherols) heal the damage and not only hide it
  • – Squalene (a natural emollient,  gives suppleness to the skin without an unpleasant greasy feeling and great sunburn protection)
  • – it is hypoallergenic
  • – does not have any risks for health
  • – it is free from colors and dyes which can irritate skin
  • – absolutely natural
  • – offers protection from UV radiation (vitamin E and A, polyphenols, Squalene)
  • – reduces skin cancer risk
  • – an excellent moisturizer for dry skin areas
  • – helps maintain elasticity
  • – reduces lines and wrinkles
  • – improves face color
  • – soothes skin irritations and sunburn
  • – reduces stretch marks

Ways of using practically all the olive oil beauty benefits:

Olive oil beauty benefits for skin care

  •        It is perfect as a make-up remover, leaving soft pleasant skin.
  •        Can be used topically on the face, especially as a night cream.
  •        It is very efficient to use around eyes to reduce the lines and dark circles.
  •        Perfect for body massage.
  •        You can make great masks (alone or with other ingredients).
  •        Use it when making a scrub.
  •        Helps relieve chapped lips (protects from the cold and moisturizes to avoid breakage of the skin and cracking).
  •        Try using it in your bath tub. Be careful, the tub will be slippery.
  •        After taking a shower pour some extra virgin olive oil on your hands, rub them together and then apply all over your body.
  •        It is also perfect for young looking healthy breast (by improving skin firmness and reducing stretches).
  •        Perfect for dry surfaces like knees, ankles, elbows and heels.
  •        Apply olive oil to your feet for so-soft feeling (to be done at bedtime and to cover with socks).
  •        Intimate care.

Olive oil beauty benefits for hair (dry and normal types, not for oily hair)

  •          As a mask (other ingredients can be added), applied on the scalp, to keep 15-30 min.
  •          As a hair conditioner adds shine to hair.
  •          Olive oil cures split ends and dandruff.
  •          Can help smooth the curls.

Olive oil has also beauty benefits for hands and nails: heals dry, brittle nails and softens cuticles.


Severe acne or any skin disease will be treated according to medical prescription and olive oil will not be used on the seriously    damaged skin surfaces without consulting a doctor.

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