As a result of combining virgin olive oils with refined pomace olive oils, it is obtained a product which, because its oleic acid content, Iberia Olive Oil is very suitable for Cooking, Frying & Fried Foods, Salad, Religious, Skin and Hair.

Olive Pomace Oil is specially prepared to withstand high temperature when used in frying foods. They become golden and crispy, while maintaining the essential and quality of Olive Oil. Iberia Olive Oil adds magic to your food.

Iberia Pomace Olive Oil is much healthier than any other source of fat present in the human diet, which includes animal fats, such as grease or butter, and other vegetable oils.  Switching to healthier oil is, after all, the easiest change one can make for one’s health.

Olive Oil in Christianity: (Exodus 27:20, 30: 22-33, and Psalm 93)

Olive Oil in Islam: Holy Qur’an (6:99 and 141, 16:11 and 24:35)

Olive Oil and Judaism

olive oil

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