在该页面中,我建议自制的皮肤治疗,由最好的天然产品,你的皮肤需要的. 任何化学物质, 无风险, 极低的成本, 环境安全和有较大影响!

之前我们做, 我们需要了解我们在当下的皮肤类型,我们应用此皮肤治疗, why we chose some particular ingredients and their effects and of course small differentiations according to our skin condition.

About skin types

Every time when choosing a cosmetic product or a homemade solution for skin care we are warned that not all types of skin are the same and we must choose the correct product accordingly. We are told that skin can be dry, normal, oily, combination or even sensitive and this is part of our genetic construction.

Now think about your skin… In the summer it might be oilier than usually and sometimes irritated because of sunburn, in the winter your skin might be dry because of the cold temperature and strong cold wind, 当你服用药物时,你的皮肤会更敏感,健康问题可能会带来一些粉刺,,en,更不用说不正确的护肤品的影响,,en,这是因为,,en,皮肤类型改变,,en,有时可以在同一时刻从每种类型中获得一点点,,en,来自鼻子区域的皮肤,,en,额头中心,,en,下巴和脸颊中央有更多的油腺,通常比脸部的其他部位更油,,en,这就是为什么大多数女性都有这种组合类型,并且由于各种内部和外部因素,她们的皮肤可能会变得干燥或油腻,,en,至于敏感类型,,en,我们大多数人在某些时候都有敏感或烦躁的皮肤,,en,什么类似于所有类型的皮肤一直是防晒,,en,大量的抗氧化剂和正确的保湿剂,,en, not to mention the effects of incorrect skin care products.

And this is because the skin type changes and sometimes can have a little bit from each type in the same moment. The skin from the nose area, centre of forehead, chin and centre of cheeks has more oil glands and is usually oilier than on the rest of the face. This is why most of women have the combination type and again their skin might become dryer or oilier due to various internal and external factors. As for the sensitive type, most of us have at some time sensitive or irritated skin.

然, what is similar to all types of skin all the time is sun protection, lots of antioxidants and the correct moisturizer.

Olive oil and lemon – all you need!

The skin care product must:

– Penetrate the skin

– Not only penetrate but also bring with it antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

As described previously, olive oil has as components oleic acid which guarantees skin penetration, lots of antioxidants and vitamins necessary for cell renewal and skin texture improvement, squalling and essential fats which together with vitamin E and polyphenols offer great sun protection, anti-inflammatory agents and other healthy nutrients.

To this amazing oil to live we will add the fruit to live – the lemon.

Here is why:

  • – Lemon is full of different antioxidants

  • – Great source of vitamin C (stimulates collagen production)

  • – Vitamin A, B群和K (all needed for healthy skin)

  • – Minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus

  • – Citric acid

The lemon has antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing and tonic effect for skin. The citric acid found in lemons is used as skin peels and exfoliator and it is widely used as a PH adjusting agent in cosmetic products (it is classified as a processing aid and does not need to be listed on the ingredient lists of cosmetics). Even if lemon is high acidic, it has alkalizing effect in the body, decreasing PH. It is the citric acid that will heal acne, clean the grease and significantly reduce the blackheads.

We still have the benefits of olive oil but we also add more antioxidants and minerals, we stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and we have antibacterial effect too.

No need for complicated ingredients, esters etc. No need for special bottles, packaging or mixing ingredients. A slice/piece of lemon and some drops of olive oil.

When using lemon for the first time, it might sting a little but only for a few seconds. The more damaged the skin is, the longer it stings. If you repeat it after a day or two, you will notice that the discomfort will be reduced and later on it will not sting at all as a proof of a better health state of your skin. The lemon does not irritate the skin, it heals it.

Make your home skin treatment!

The home skin treatment we suggest is totally natural and cannot harm your skin but only benefit it. It has the following stages:

1. Chamomile steam bath (optional)

2. Lemon and olive oil.

And now you probably ask: That’s all? What about facial scrubs, masks etc.?

We are told to use facial scrubs as exfoliators. They help to remove dead cells and allow new skin to come out. Exfoliation can be made mechanically which involves physically scrubbing the skin with an abrasive, or chemically, using alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxyl acids or other enzymes. Mechanical exfoliation is not good for dry skin while for oily type it might cause skin to produce more oil. Scrubbing might cause skin irritation, break outs, redness, scratching or even abrasion when it is overused and too much pressure is applied.

Lemon juice is a great exfoliator by itself, due to the citric acid (an alpha hydroxide acid) which is also perfect for acne and blackheads treating.

We certainly don’t need to use a scrub when using lemon.

As for the facial masks, extra virgin olive oil combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice will do just fine. The ratio will depend on the skin condition:

  • If you have acne, 你会使用比橄榄油更多的柠檬汁,,en,如果你的脸上油腻,请使用比橄榄油略多的柠檬汁,,en,如果您的皮肤是组合型或正常使用相等的比例,,en,如果你的皮肤干燥,使用比柠檬汁更多的橄榄油,,en,当使用柠檬汁与橄榄油分开时,将适用相同的规则,,en,油性区域的柠檬汁和干燥区域的橄榄油,,en,无论皮肤类型如何,请记住在眼睛周围使用不含柠檬的橄榄油,,en,使用柠檬汁混合时避免接触眼睛,,en,如果不知何故,,en,混合物出现在你的眼前,,en,不要惊慌,,en,只需用清水冲洗即可,,en,柠檬汁含有对眼睛有益的黄酮类化合物,,en,很久以前,,en,什么时候药不发达,,en,人们用柠檬汁作为滴眼液来治疗一些问题和清洁,,en.
  • If your skin is oily all over your face use slightly more lemon juice than olive oil.
  • If your skin is combination type or normal use equal proportions.
  • If your skin is dry use more olive oil than lemon juice.

The same rules will be applied when using lemon juice separately from olive oil: lemon juice for oily areas and olive oil for dry areas. Remember to use olive oil without lemon around your eyes whatever the skin type.

Avoid contact with eyes when using lemon juice mix. And if somehow, the mix came to your eyes, do not panic, just rinse with water. Lemon juice has flavonoids which are good for eyes. Long ago, when medicine was not developed so much, people used lemon juice as eye drops to cure some problems and for cleaning.

这些是,,en,我们的皮肤治疗步骤,,en,加点水煮沸,,en,当它开始煮沸时加入洋甘菊花或洋甘菊茶包,,en,不要煮沸了,,en,保留它,,en,分钟,,en,然后揭开它,几分钟后蒸汽不是很强,,en,靠在锅上,,en,用毛巾盖住头部,,en,保持这样的约,,en,蒸汽打开你的毛孔,洋甘菊舒缓肌肤,,en,下一个,,en,申请一个,,en,混合柠檬和橄榄油作为面膜,,en,放下来,,en,分钟并用圆形动作做一些按摩,,en,不要漂洗,,en,要么,,en,将柠檬汁与橄榄油分开使用,,en,取一片柠檬或鲜榨柠檬汁的餐匙,涂抹在油性区域,,en,鼻子是,,en,脸颊和下巴的中心,,en,对于普通和油性皮肤,除了眼睛外,柠檬可以涂抹在脸上,,en steps for our skin treatment:

Chamomile steam bath. Put some water for boiling. When it starts boiling add chamomile flowers or chamomile tea bags. Do not boil anymore. Leave it covered for 10 minutes. Then uncover it and after some minutes when the steam is not very strong, lean over the pot. Cover your head with a towel. Stay like this for about 10 minutes. The steam opens your pores and the Chamomile soothes the skin.


Apply a mix of lemon and olive oil as a mask. Lay down for 10 min and make some massage with circular moves. Do not rinse.


Use lemon juice separately from olive oil. Take a slice of lemon or a table spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply to the oily areas (nose are, centre of forehead, centre of cheeks and chin). For normal and oily skin lemon can be applied all over the face except eyes. 对于干燥的皮肤只在有问题的地方,,en,例如在黑点上,,en,等待,,en,果汁进入皮肤的分钟,,en,在眼睛周围轻轻按摩,然后将其涂抹在脸部和颈部,,en,尝试并根据您的皮肤需求调整比例,,en,别担心,,en,它只会受益,,en,您不必等待一个月或更长时间才能看到一些结果,,en,你会在第一次之后感受到它,,en (for example on the black spots). Wait 2 minutes for the juice to go inside your skin. Do not rinse. Apply little extra virgin to the area around your eyes gently massaging and then spread it over your face and neck.

Try it and adjust the proportions according to your skin needs. And do not worry, it can only benefit!

You don’t have to wait one month or more to see some results: you will feel it after the first time!

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